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Here’s a fascinating visual representation on who dominates the web in terms of traffic:


What would be even more fascinating is if they had done retroactive versions of this, lets say going back every 5 years. It would be very telling to see the current social media powerhouses eclipsing the previous web champs by such large margins.

It also shows how the web has changed its emphasis from sites built by corporations to sites built by social communities. What will this chart look like in 5 years I wonder?

False Conversation?

Just read an interesting post on Mitch Joel’s blog regarding social media and the so-called ‘conversations’ that were supposed to have been taking place as a result.

He makes some excellent points on whether the communication that’s been occurring actually qualifies as what we would all call an actual conversation, or if it’s really just a barrage of one-sided statements and comments.

Direct link: http://www.twistimage.com/blog/archives/the-end-of-conversation-in-social-media/

I encourage you to engage in THIS conversation, because I believe that it will actually be one.