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Freelance CMO

The Problem: You need the strategic direction and guidance of a CMO, but the budget just isn’t there.

There are myriad reasons that your brand might be sitting idle in the digital space while others are taking off, but how do you get the strategic analysis and guidance necessary to have a truly clear direction for your brand?

The Solution: Bring in a skilled and experienced strategic digital marketer in a way that works with your budget to give direction and guidance to your team when you need it the most.

I will work with your existing marketing team to analyze your digital brand, pinpoint problem areas, drive solutions forward and refine your marketing strategies to achieve success.

marketing analysis


I will analyze your entire digital presence including your website, blog, social media presence and content marketing, then weigh and measure it against that of your competitors. You’ll have a clear picture of how you stack up against your digital competition across the web, and identified key areas of the digital space that your brand has the right to win.

freelance cmo marketing strategy


I will answer the ‘What, Where, When, Why, and How’ of your digital marketing plan. You will know; What content you should be producing, Where you should be posting and sharing it, When should it be published, Why it will impact your digital brand, and How you should be engaging with your customers and community in the digital space.

marketing strategy


I will give you a clear path and achievable objectives to improve your digital marketing effectiveness and build your brand. Regular communication and engagement help ensure you make progress and maintain momentum to drive your brand forward, along with one-on-one training and step-by-step guidance to help you through at your own pace.