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A professional marketer with a passion for all things digital. Experienced in both B2B & B2C, my approach in developing marketing strategies has always been focused on providing the best possible experience for the end-user. I firmly believe that in order to build a strong brand you need to commit to people, first and foremost. Whether employees, customers, partners, or suppliers, it’s the people connected to your brand that truly make it thrive. I believe marketing should be purpose-driven, and that marketing is at its most powerful when it delivers true value and real utility.

My clients benefit from my goal-oriented marketing approach, which sets clear objectives to be met and measures performance with real data. These methods are incorporated in to my approach to education as well, where I make analytics and insights a top priority for my students to learn. I believe that through this approach, my clients achieve consistent improvement in their search, social, and content marketing efforts, and that my students are well-equipped to succeed in their careers in digital marketing.

My professional experience includes responsibility for managing digital, social, and content marketing efforts as well as events, trade shows, sponsorships and promotions. In addition, I was integral in the process of developing an aggressive and robust content marketing plan for a major national brand that was undergoing an overhaul of their entire web marketing strategy. I managed the worldwide marketing presence for an industry-leading capital equipment manufacturer from 2006 to 2014.

I am dedicated to giving back to my community. I am proud to have volunteered for over a decade as part of the Business Advisory Committee at Georgian College, where I currently sit as Chair of the committee. The purpose of the Committee is to provide cutting-edge insights to the college in order to guide the evolution of the business program curriculum, as well as additional services that bring greater value to the students and more effectively contribute to the success of their careers.

I possess extensive in-the-trenches knowledge on what it takes to build and maintain a powerful digital presence across multiple platforms, and am a vocal advocate for the power of content, social and inbound marketing. I offer a wide variety of marketing consulting and services for businesses of all types. From something as simple as a new brochure layout, to optimization of your website or social media accounts, to the creation of a powerful digital brand strategy, I have helped guide brands of many different sizes to achieve success in the digital space. I look forward to working with you!

View my Services page for a complete list of what I offer, as well as my Consulting page for a more detailed view of how I can help you win in digital marketing. Also, check out my Blog for helpful articles and strategic marketing insights, and the Marketing Doubleshot podcast for more great content.