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Blogs of Greatness – Marketing Brilliance

How many blogs do you read? I mean, REALLY read? Regularly. How many can’t-miss, always-awesome, have-to-share blogs do you read?


For me, there are just a handful. I peruse lots of them, and scan over even more, but the ones that I can say that I ‘read’ are limited to a select few that consistently deliver the goods that I can’t seem to get anywhere else.

I will state right now that yes, Seth’s Blog is great. We all know that, so let’s talk about something different.

Blog #1 – Mitch Joel‘s ‘Six Pixels of Separation’ – http://www.twistimage.com/blog/
Mitch is one of those fantastic bloggers that not only gives you advice that you can deploy today, but also makes you really THINK about where we’re going with all this ‘marketing’ stuff. No two posts on Mitch’s nearly decade-old blog roll are the same. He does brilliant podcasts and interviews with the top thinkers & doers in business. I’ve seen Mitch speak live on more than one occasion, and I can say with certainty his blog delivers just as much personality in writing as he does in person. A truly great business blog that is my default go-to place when I’m looking for marketing inspiration.

Blog #2 – Sam Fiorella‘s ‘The Social Roadmap’ – http://www.senseiwisdom.com/Home/bID/3/
Sam is all about results. Actual, measurable, results. If you can’t translate your actions in to a real benefit for your business, then WHY are you doing it? This is the question that Sam’s blog posts answer. One of the first things you’ll notice about the writing on the Social Roadmap is that it’s infused with passion. It’s a no-holds-barred assault on pretentious marketers who spew buzzwords and measure success based on what CAN happen instead of what DOES happen. Read this blog if you want to break through the BS and develop a plan that gives tangible results.

Blog #3 – Mark Schaefer‘s ‘{grow}’ – http://www.businessesgrow.com/blog/
Mark is truly a great author, speaker, and thinker. His focus is, quite obviously, helping you and your business grow and thrive. Mark’s articles span a wide range of topics, but always seem to come back to a central, overriding theme of ‘Do It Right’. It’s not a matter of doing things because they’re new, shiny, or fancy. It’s a matter of doing them because it’s the right move for your business and for your customers. Mark is a true advocate of relationship building as the core of success. Those businesses that can forge the strongest relationships with their partners are the ones that will grow and thrive. Mark often brings in guest writers to shed a different perspective on certain topics, and only chooses those writers who hit the same high standard his readers have become accustomed to.

These three blogs are indicative of what I look for when searching for the latest and greatest in marketing thinking: Passion, diversity, experience. Too many blogs tell you what you already know, and not enough of them tell you what you need to hear. Bookmark these three, add them to your RSS reader, follow them on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or wherever you turn to for good stuff. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

So those are my top three, but what are yours? Where do YOU turn to for the ‘awesome’?

Analytics? More like Psychology!

Sam Fiorella, whom I connected with at UnGeeked Toronto, recently posted some thoughts on his blog, The Social Roadmap, on the evolution of how we measure social media success. Sam brings up some interesting points about how the metrics we currently use are really just scratching the surface of what these interactions can tell us.

Of course, Marketers are always under fire from ‘upper management’ to show the real ROI of Social Media. Therefore, it’s only natural that we default to the metrics that can be gauged numerically. X number of followers, Y number of comments, Z number of retweets, and so on. Numbers make people feel comfortable, because they can derive simple conclusions from them. “Well, if our followers went up by 15% this month, we must be 15% more successful! YAY!”, and everyone feels all warm and fuzzy, high-fives all around, and everyone goes back to work.

What Sam brings to light here is the fact that those metrics, while easy to obtain and understand, don’t really provide the insight that you need to make decisions for the future growth of your business. What you need to do is look beyond just how many people are talking, and delve in to what they’re talking about, and more importantly how they’re saying it. Their demeanor in their posts goes a long way to telling you just how your business is performing, not just in Social Media but everywhere.

If you take the time to interpret what’s being said about your brand beyond just what’s on the surface, and use this as the basis for your actions, you can cater more effectively to the advocates of your brand, essentially turning your committed fans in to hardcore evangelists.

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